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Welcome to CMV srl!

CMV srl was established in 2006 after the acquisition of an old cylinder/bombs manufacturing facility.

With a big investment all the main machines have been upgraded or replaced in order to increase both flexibility and quality of production to the highest standards of the cylinder’s market.

During this period many types of cylinders have been developed for several purposes:

  • Fire Fighting
  • Industrial Gases
  • CNG Storage
  • CNG Automotive
  • Explosion Protection


CMV srl manufacture refillable seamless steel gas cylinders from seamless steel pipes.

The personalization of the cylinders is our strong suit: our engineer department can study many solutions specifically for each customer.

Our main technical/operational ranges are:

  • Diameter range: 267 ÷ 410 mm (10,51 ÷ 16,14 in)
  • Length range: 600 ÷ 2200 mm (23,62 ÷ 86,61 in)
  • Working Pressure: 40 ÷ 325 barg (580 ÷ 4713 psi)
  • Test Pressure up to 500 barg (up to 7252 psi)
  • Water Capacity range: 25 ÷ 220L (1525 ÷ 13425 in3)

In any case requests for cylinders with technical characteristics outside these operational ranges can be evaluated.